Best quality healthy European noodles


Our noodles are produced out of highest quality raw materials coming exclusively from European Union. Noodles are produced and packed in the special protected and clean environment. Each batch of the noodles is tested by the laboratory and certified to ensure the highest quality and purest product.
Our factory is situated in the south of Poland but our products are being sold in the whole European Union and are highly appreciated in many European Countries.
For production of our noodles we use premium durum wheat with higher protein content than normal wheat and classical highest quality wheat.
Durum wheat used in production of our noodles contains proteins, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, folic acid, manganic, potassium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. Durum wheat may also contribute to the improvement of eyesight and may have antiaging effect on the body. Durum wheat is one of the oldest types of wheat and when consumed can be helpful in controlling the body mass.

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Premium Noodles


The premium line of our noodles was created for customers that appreciate the highest quality and best products. Premium noodles were created using the blend of highest quality and rarest durum wheat. Noodles made out of the cleaned heart of the durum wheat seeds called Semolina. Thanks to the special properties of Semolina, Golden Noodles are yellow in color.


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Healthy Noodles


Our line of noodles was created especially for those who value health and slim body. Healthy noodles have very high content of fiber and help to clean the body from toxins and may contribute to the weight reduction.


Classic Noodles


Classic noodles were created for customers that want to appreciate highest quality product but with much softer texture than the noodles produced using durum wheat. The wheat used for production of classic noodles was sourced from the cleanest areas in Europe.

Shape of noodles available:

Spirals fusili Spaghetti


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