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Our bee farms are situated in Poland. Most of them are located in the region of Carpathian Mountains where the environment is still natural, wild and clean.
Poland is well known for being a unique country with big area of wild nature and natural wild forests and fields. Wild and clean environment ensures the best quality of natural honey.
Natural Honey in Poland is produced in traditional way, only from natural sources and without any additives. Strict regulation of European Union ensures that every jar of honey allowed to be sold in the market is certified and checked by the authorities.
Polish honey is not heat-treated and only slowly melted and gently packed into the containers. Fast heat treating of honey can shorten the process of honey production but has damaging effect on the health properties of the natural honey.





Multiflower Honey


As the name itself indicates, this honey comes from nectar gathered by bees from different plants, both cultivated ones and those growing in meadows, forests, lowlands and mountains. It is a light creamy color, or sometimes pale yellow. It crystallizes quickly, the color turning to light grey or light brown. It has a characteristic rather strong waxy aroma, dependent on the mixture of nectars brought to the hive. The curative properties of honey depend on the plants the nectar has been collected from, but only the bees know this for sure. Mixed-flower honey is particularly suitable for people with allergies since it contains pollens that act as antigens.


honey buckwheat



Buckwheat Honey


Particularly appreciated are the beneficial effects of buckwheat honey in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The compounds of flavonoids present in buckwheat honey have beneficial effects on the heart. It should be added that buckwheat honey is also a rich source of vitamin C, proteins, iron and magnesium in the form that is easily absorbable by the body. Buckwheat honey can also be used as food supplement protecting and detoxifying the liver. Buckwheat honey, due to the large amount of fructose is recommended for people with diabetes independent of insulin. Regular intake of buckwheat honey contributes to increased levels of hemoglobin in the blood, and also stimulates regeneration processes and strengthens the body after a long and exhausting diseases.


honey lime blossom



Lime-blossom Honey


This has a distinctive strong aroma that resembles the smell of a lime tree. The taste is sharp, slightly bitter. In the liquid state, the honey’s color is greenish-yellow to light amber. The intensity of color and taste differ depending on the region the honey comes from. On crystallizing, the honey’s consistency is fine-grained and the color becomes white-yellow or golden yellow. Lime-blossom honey exhibits expectorant, diaphoretic, antipyretic, sedative and antispasmodic properties. It is applied in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the throat and the sinuses, in throat infections and for bronchitis. Due to its high antibiotic activity, it is also applied in urinary tract diseases, rheumatic affections and neuroses.


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Forest Honey


Honeydew honey, from coniferous trees. Its color can be grey green, brown, or even black, depending on the tree species the honeydew is obtained from. It crystallizes rather slowly, becoming lumpy in the process. The smell is slightly spicy and the taste is mild and not very sweet. Honeydew honey from coniferous trees has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, expectorant and antibiotic effects. It contains more active substances, especially biologically active iron, than nectar honeys. It is useful for upper respiratory tract diseases and in cases of lowered immunity. It also supports the treatment of rheumatic, skin and nervous diseases.


Acacia Honey


It contains a large quantity of fructose, therefore it crystallizes very slowly. The color of pure acacia honey is light creamy, turning neutral. White or straw-colored after crystallization. The taste slightly resembles that of acacia flowers. Fully mature acacia honey is characterized by a higher content of sucrose than in other honeys. Acacia honey is applicable in the treatment of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer diseases, of hyperacid gastritis, mucous membrane inflammations and spasmodic conditions of the intestines. In the case of ulcers, acacia honey accelerates regeneration of the tissue of existing erosions and ulcerations. It also affects intestine peristalsis and is characterized by a low biotic activity.


Coriander Honey


Coriander Honey is derived from the nectar of flowers of coriander herb. The nectar of coriander is highly dependent on weather conditions and usually the plant produces it every five to six years. And even then, the production is low. The first thing somebody can say about this honey is that it looks and tastes different. Coriander raw honey is golden amber color, specific taste and mild aroma, which is levied two weeks after extraction. The process of crystallization changes color of the honey to white, gray and golden-gray.
Coriander honey supports digestion and may help to reduce bloating, constipation, indigestion, hyper-acid gastritis and ulcers. I also protects the liver, prevents nausea, activates blood circulation, stimulates memory. It is considered bactericide and fungicide. It regulates insulin levels and lowers cholesterol.


Phacelia Honey


Phacelia is a versatile plant that is used extensively in Europe, both as a cover crop and as bee forage. It is also being increasingly used in California USA – especially in vineyards. Phacelia is listed as one of the top 20 honey-producing flowers for honeybees. Phacelia's habit of flowering abundantly and for a long period can increase beneficial insect numbers and diversity, because it provides high quality nectar and pollen.

Phacelia honey is obtained from the nectar of phacelia and has a unique, sophisticated taste and aroma. It can be used daily like any other honey. Because of the mild taste and aroma can be used instead of sugar to sweeten all drinks and meals.
Phacelia Honey strengthens the body and helps to prevent from colds and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract. It should be consumed after heavy physical exercise and increased intellectual effort. It supports the treatment of diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, problems with the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Like other light nectar honeys may help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, cardiac failure, and hypertension.


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