Fruit Juice



Royal Essence, Natural Juice is a juice freshly squeezed from fruit taking its origin in the fruit-growing heart of Europe and the biggest center of orchards industry in the world – Poland, Grojec Warka region.

The fruit of this area have been appreciated worldwide for over 500 years thanks to their unique taste and best quality.

Royal Essence natural juices contain vitamins and microelements which are found in fresh fruit and constitute a natural source of fiber. Natural juices contain natural polyphenols which support anti-oxidation and ant aging process.

Royal Essence is a 100% natural juice

freshly squeezed
not from concentrate
no additives
no preservatives

It’s available in glass bottles 250ml, 750ml and carton boxes – 3 liters and 5 liters.
The juice in 3 l and 5 l boxes doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge even up to 21 days after opening. It’s a perfect choice for families that want to enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and stay healthy every day.

The available mixes and flavors:


100% Apple Juice


Apple- Black currant Juice


Apple-Chokeberry Juice


Apple-Mint Juice


Apple-Strawberry Juice


Apple-Cherry Juice


Orange Juice


Apple-Carrot Juice



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